Green Clean



Building managers increasingly are aware that indoor air quality impacts worker health and productivity. Adopting measures that promote a healthier indoor environment tells tenants and their employees that their health is important.

Thankfully, Green Cleaning has arrived. Over the past decade, the cost and effectiveness of environmentally benign cleaning agents has improved dramatically. Classico is pleased to introduce a new line of cleaning products and procedures applied by properly trained personnel.

In response to the first “energy crisis” more than 30 years ago, office buildings have become nearly airtight. In this type of atmosphere, cleaning agents containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) linger much longer and may have a cumulative effect on workers. Health officials are asking whether there might be a connection to the dramatic increase in respiratory problems.

Executive Order 13101 requires federal procurement officers to consider environmental factors in their purchasing and contracting decisions. More government agencies are adopting these standards in their maintenance contracts. Can it be surprising that the U.S. Navy uses Green cleaners aboard its ships?

A proper green cleaning system encompasses:

  • Certified green cleaning products
  • Properly trained staff
  • Effective green delivery method / equipment including use of Materials Safety Data Sheets on all cleaning products.

Green Seal, an independent, non-profit organization has taken the lead in testing and labeling products to promote a healthier, cleaner environment. Look for the Green Seal on Classico’s new line of Green Clean products.

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