Providing Customized Programs Designed to Meet our Client’s Needs


Our construction foremen and laborers are trained and experienced working closely with general contractors and trade personnel to ensure a clean and safe working environment. Our specialists provide the final construction touch ups to your project.

Classico’s approach to cleaning uses innovative technology and green cleaning products. Classico offers high-quality reliable services that clients can trust to keep their facility clean and safe. Our services include janitorial maintenance programs, surface cleaning, floor care, and comprehensive office cleaning with a focus on staff areas, private offices, cubicles, conference rooms, lobbies and reception areas, elevators and stairwells.

⦁ Classico offers its clients with professional cleaning and maintenance services to protect a company’s most critical marketing investment – its multi-media signage and equipment. With years of experience working in one of the country’s largest airport facilities in NYC, we can provide a preventative maintenance and cleaning program for all automated electronic signage including digital airport monitors, electronic advertising signage, and exterior mass transit terminal signage. Our team of experts is prepared to clean and maintain all indoor and outdoor equipment and electronic signage and replace component parts as needed, to ensure to ongoing functionality of your business operations. We can develop a program for scheduled and preventative maintenance.

Our goal at Classico is to provide our clients with an Integrated Disinfection Solution based on the client’s needs. Classico is qualified and equipped to clean any facility affected by a pathogen outbreak, including COVID-19. Our team has experience of being placed on the front lines at medical facilities and other commercial and public spaces across the greater NYC region disinfecting and cleaning facilities during COVID-19.

With Classico’s disinfection services, you are assured to have a facility that meets all cleanliness, health, and safety standards.

Classico offers Mechanical Maintenance Engineering Service to provide its clients with technical repair expertise and troubleshooting focal points for plant equipment including: Pumps, Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, Piping, Etc.

Classico helps provide Operating Engineers from the International Union of Operating Engineers, specifically Local 14 & 15. Operating Engineers have a variety of duties on construction sites including controlling and driving heavy machinery, ensuring safety practices are followed, cleaning and maintaining equipment, and coordinating with crew members. Let Classico provide you with highly skilled Operating Engineers to ensure your machinery and projects are running timely and efficiently.

Classico specializes in commercial and residential pre & post construction clean-up. A construction or renovation project is not complete without a professional and thorough cleaning.  Classico removes dust, dirt, paint stains, and other foreign construction matters. Classico also carries out post construction floor cleaning, scraping and etching removal, surface polishing and removal of construction waste.  Our experienced and reliable staff will bring in the necessary industrial equipment and professional cleaning solutions to get your building clean and prepared for occupancy.

Classico provides all your property needs, big or small. Our team of highly skilled and professional team members are experts in the commercial painting field. Classico works around your schedule to ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day business. Let Classico help improve the appearance of your property by providing high-quality painting services.

Classico offers routine power washing to benefit your business by keeping its appearance professional and removing harmful contaminants such as mold, mildew, and algae, that can cause long-term damage.